Falls Festival 2018/19

The Village will descend on the beautiful Otway forest in Lorne, as some of the finest eccentric entertainers in Australian strut their stuff.

Minds will be blown by the interactive multi-art ride Book of Walls, stages will be slayed as the Baby One More Time workshop allows attendees to channel their inner Britney, vocal chords will be destroyed as Klassy Karaoke rings in the New Year and jangled nerves will be soothed by the warm folk of GraceJean and the woozy synth-pop of Cool Explosions.

In the spirit of all this fun, Falls will also introduce a fancy-dress theme for the first day of every festival. The flavour is Meme Theme, so don’t be surprised if you run into a few Crying Kim’s, Super Bowl selfie kid’s or post-surgery grape’s as you roam the festival.

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