Muskrat Album Launch – Press Release

A new blend of Balkan brass for the modern Melburnian

With all the fanfare one would expect of big eight-piece brass, The Seduceaphones’ debut album Muskrat launches on 16 March at The Night Cat on Johnston Street, Fitzroy, in an explosion of cultural fusion and raw energy. The night promises to enrapture audiences with supporting performances by jazz, funkm fusion ensemble, The Senegambian Jazz Band and Red Rakia – a Balkan inspired belly dance duo, ready to rev the crowd with big skirts, bold moves and swirling swords.

Oft referred to as wholesome clubbing, The Seduceaphones unashamedly mix styles to produce a unique sound greater than the sum of its parts, a product that is nothing but danceable. The band keeps the crowd on its toes with the unexpected – maracas and Indonesian drums are thrown in with the occasional odd time signature; demonstrating the eclectic influences of these classically trained musicians. On the dance floor, you’ll see the ballroomers dodging the trance dancers who are bopping past riveted music appreciators; together creating a vibrant celebration of the cultural melting pot that is the Melbourne music scene.

Organically grown in central Victoria, Trombone player and lead of The Seduceaphones, Aryo Hall explains their fresh origins.

‘We started in central Victoria, well out of the city and well out of the scene, picking up the sounds and rhythms in our communities,’ Aryo said. ‘We have always had that gypsy Balkan energy  – one of the most awe inspiring experiences for me was seeing Balkan brass band Opa Bato ten years ago – and some of the other guys are into metal and trash so we added that to the mix along with the bush and jazz flavours.’

‘Even just moving from the bush to the city and understanding what the rules are here was influential,’ Aryo said.

The Seduceaphones have performed at Falls Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Castlemaine State Festival, Bendigo Blues and Roots Music Festival, ZINDA Festival and The Village Winter Solstice Festival.

But don’t ask about the album cover.

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